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Manufacturer of wide range of products like STEAM COIL AIR PREHEATER, BOILERS, HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEMS and solutions for industries.

About Us

Leading supplier for Steam coil air preheater (SCAPH)

We provide products which are energy saving and solutions that help companies transition to a more sustainable operation. Products like Steam coil air preheater (SCAPH), WCAPH, Plate type heat Exchanger(PHE), air cooled condenser (ACC), heaters and coolers for special applications.


Business Solutions for Industries

We provide solutions for challenges like waste water, air pollution, SOX and NOX control. Many of the critical challenge pose real threat to modern industries to more towards a more sustainable operations.

Pollution Control

We offer pollution control systems for industries to fulfill its sustainability goals


We offer range of products and solution for steam generation and its utilisation for industrial application

Energy Saving Equipments

We supply various equipment that replaces traditional heaters/coolers. Use of spent steam, hot water/ fluid remains prime source of energy recovery

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